Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Space, space, sapce!!!

So I haven't updated in a while, but we've been busy and I've been stressing. Things were moving sluggishly slow in regards to our new house and the longer it took to finalize the deal, the more worried Brent and I got that something was going to fall through. But I'm VERY happy to say we finally closed yesterday and we own a new house!!! Brent and I left the closing and went straight over to our new place to really explore. It felt so good to unlock that door ourselves and let ourselves in! There is so much SPACE in that house!!! I'm sure we'll find some way to fill it all up (Nate mostly, LOL), but it's almost twice as big as the house we're in now. I'm so thankful that this opportunity presented itself to us and we were able to make it work. We'll be moving into our new home this coming weekend and while we're very much looking forward to it, a little part of me will be so sad to leave our current home. We've been living here for over four years and they've been very happy years! This was our first home and this is the home we became a family in! This was Nate's first home and I will never forget walking through the door with him in my arms for the first time. So it is not without a little wistfulness that we will pack up our belongings and leave this house behind. We will be taking some great memories with us! Of course, what we're not looking forward to, is the actual moving process. They do say that the only thing worse than packing is unpacking, LOL! I have to agree. Packing up this house has definitely been very time consuming and frustrating. It's like the more we pack and put away, the more stuff I find--ugh. At least this might serve for a good cleaning! Get rid of junk that's been accumulating for the last four years. Brent has a rule--if you haven't seen it or thought about it in the last year, it's garbage. He's got a point, I guess, but I get attached. Not always easy to get rid of some things. Luckily my mom and my aunt have been coming up and helping us pack up. And we have several friends that will be helping us with the move on Saturday. I'm wondering if maybe I can talk them all into staying and helping us unpack after we're all moved in??? :D

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Renaissance Festival 2009

So anyone who knows Brent and I, knows that we LOVE Renfest! We go every year and it's such a blast. Last year was a little different going with a 2-month old, very colicky baby, but this year has been a blast so far. Nate has a lot of fun when we go. And why wouldn't he??? It means he gets to outside, dance to live music and run around and get dirty! He's also getting to meet all our "Rennie" friends that we only get to see once or twice a year. So I promised some Renaissance Festival pictures and they will follow this post.

On another note, things with the new house are moving along--SLOWLY! We were hoping to close next Friday and move in over the weekend, but it looks like we may have to push it back a week. Apparently things are moving very slowly with lenders and things that used to take 48 hours are now taking almost a week. We're very anxious to move into our new home and get settled in. But in the meantime, we happened to get a great deal on a pool fence! Brent and I knew that a pool fence was our #1 priority for the new house. NO way Nate is going to be running around in that patio without a fence around the pool. So I started researching. Even the do-it-yourself fences were going to run us about $650 for the 46 feet of fence we need. That is way more than we wanted to spend, so I started stalking Craigslist. I saw an ad for a huge yard sale going on yesterday not too far from where our new house is and one of the things they had listed was a pool fence. I had no idea how big it was or how much they wanted for it, but I figured it was worth a look. Guess what??? We ended up getting close to 90 ft of fence for $150! And it's in great shape! It was a little dirty, but Brent washed it and it's all ready to be installed! And Nate had a blast "helping" Daddy wash the fence, LOL! I've got some video of that too. Enjoy!