Friday, October 17, 2008

So apparently I'm not very good at keeping up with this whole blog thing, lol. Just been busy. What else is new? I had surgery to remove my gallbladder a couple of months ago and one of my incisions never healed right because of an old navel ring piercing. So I just had to go under the knife AGAIN to try to take care of it. Between that, and work, and keeping up with Nate, who has time?

Speaking of Nate, who I've recently begun calling the tooth monster, he's almost WALKING! Oh my...when did that happen? How is it possible that my little, tiny baby is going to be one in a couple of months? This past year has flown by quicker than I would have thought possible. But it's been a great year. And they boy has grown and learned so much--makes me so proud! is a picture of the "tooth monster" taken today. :)

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