Saturday, April 18, 2009

New home and lots of work! Update--Part 1

Ugh, it's been over a month! Shame, shame, shame! I tell myself I'm going to keep up and I honestly love to write, but so many things get in the way.

We did finally move into our new home on March 21st and we've been going NON-STOP since then! Moving day was more than a little stressful. I wasn't looking forward to moving and having to keep track of an extremely active 15-month old, but my wonderful mom and my awesome aunt volunteered to come over and be in charge of the little man while Brent and I did the hard work--with more than little help from our friends! :) So I brought Nate over to the new house early in the morning where my mom and my aunt were going to keep him and headed back over to the old house to start helping with the move. Well...there things got a little out of hand. In the midst of the chaos, someone left the front door open and Moxy and Ceres got out. We lived in that house for four and a half years and they NEVER got out. It figures that on our last day there, something like that would happen. Let me tell you--Ceres is hands down the most loving, sweetest, angel pup in the world--UNLESS you're a small animal. For some reason, she'll got after any small animal she sees--cats, squirrels, raccoons, small dogs...she's on them. So I've always been very careful not to put her in a situation where she might come across a small animal hurt them. Unfortunately, on this day, she did come across not one, but two, very aggressive small animals. A Chihuahua and his buddy, the CAT! My big, bad Pit Bull Terrier got her ass KICKED by a cat!!! She managed to get a good bite into the Chihuahua, but the cat really did a number on her. So on top of all the stress of moving, there I was, with my bleeding, freaked out dog. Thank goodness for my friend Emily who was there helping. She managed to keep me calm as we drove Ceres to the vet. So 6 stitches later, she finally made her way to her new home. And Nate did very well with grandma and "titia" too. By that evening, we were in. Living in a mess, but we spent our first night in our new home! And boy, did it feel good!!!

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