Friday, February 20, 2009

My kid is a genius???

I used to ooh and aah at my family and friends when they told me about the 'amazing' things their kids were doing. Silly things--or so I thought. Silly like, "oh my gosh! so-and-so knows how to turn on the light", or "my daughter can point at her own foot". Yeah...I thought they were silly, but always managed to display the had appropriate reactions. Funny how it's all about perspective. Last night I just happened to ask Nate, "where is your nose"? He looked at me for a second and then he showed it to me!!!! He brought his chubby little finger right up to his perfect little nose and touched the tip of it!!!! How do I describe the feeling? MY KID IS A GENIUS! Too much? LOL, maybe. But I could feel my heart swelling with pride and trying to break out of my chest! Brent and I giggled and cheered and clapped, so Nate giggled and cheered and clapped. :) Suddenly showing us his nose is his new favorite thing. ;) Ah, the joys of motherhood...

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