Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Yep, it's been over a month since I've "blogged". Oh my! What can I say though? Life moves fast! We've had a lot going on over here in Higley land. We're moving!!! Yep...all my "obsessing" (as Brent calls it) over houses seems to have paid off. I found this house online and it looked really nice in the pictures. The caption read "this is NOT a short sale--easy closing" and THAT more than anything else, caught my attention. Over the last couple of months, having looked at several short sales and become more familiar with what that entails, the fact that this wasn't a short sale just seemed like a blessing. And a more than a little weird. So I called my realtor and asked him what the catch was. No catch. The house was a available! Long story short--we're moving!!! :) Yep, we got it and we're so very, very excited about it. It's much bigger than our current home, has a HUGE backyard, a pool with a waterfall hot tub and a beautiful screened-in patio. It truly is a home where we can raise a family. It's definitely a little sad to leave our current home. We've loved this house from day one and we've definitely become a family here. It was Nate's first home! But I know he'll love his new house too. All the room he'll have....aaaahhhhhhh--I love it!

Speaking of the little man, he is just awesome! He's growing and learning so much and he's so much fun to watch and hang out with. With every passing day, he becomes more of a person and shows us a little bit more of his personality! He loves to dance and tries to play guitar with Daddy at every chance he gets. He runs everywhere and is becoming a bit of a climber. Definitely keeping mommy on her toes so he doesn't fall down! He tries to climb his toys, the coffee table, the couch--even the kitchen cabinets, LOL! He's still not talking very much. Not that we can understand anyway--I'm quite sure he's having full-on conversations only he can understand. :) I have moments where I worry about that, but I know it's normal. Not to mention the fact that Nate gets spoken to in two languages--English and Portuguese. So it's only natural that it'll take him a little longer to talk since he's processing two different vocabularies. He did however, say "Dada" the other night. He's been going around babbling and saying "mama" and "dada" for a couple of months now. But half the time, we're never really sure whether it's being directed at us or not. But this time there was no doubt! The "Dada" was most definitely directed at Brent and I loved seeing him swell with pride and love as he picked up his boy and asked him to say it again. So cool! I wasn't even jealous. Well...maybe just a little! ;)

So here are a couple of pictures of the new house and a promise of some great Nate pictures to come. We've been going down to the Renaissance Festival the past couple of weekends and I have over 100 new pictures to download off the camera. Did I mention we've been really busy? :D

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