Sunday, December 28, 2008


So Nate had his 12 month well check-up last week and I've been chewing over a comment that his pediatrician made. Nate is very active and full of energy. He loves to run around, explore and get into things. He bounces from one activity to the next, and giggles and delights at every new thing he encounters. I see him as imaginative, curious and intelligent. His pediatrician, however, is apparently a fan of labels. As Nate was bouncing around the little exam room trying to open cabinet doors and pull down the paper sheet on the exam table, the dr. casually (and perhaps jokingly) says, "you're not going to have ADD are you?" ADD--Attention Deficit Disorder. A relatively new label in our society and one that unfortunately carries quite a stigma--especially in the public education system. Years ago, children were just active! Hyper at worst, but not "diagnosed". When did we become so obsessed with labels and worse--with drugs? Thousands of children across this country are labeled ADD and ADHD and then heavily medicated. What is wrong with that picture??? It does much more harm than good--period. Nate may be active, wild--even hyper. But I refuse to allow him to be labeled by a doctor or anyone else. I'm quite sure the dr. wasn't trying to diagnose him or attach a label--yet. He did say it rather jokingly, but it did strike a nerve nonetheless. Nate is inquisitive, delightful and oh, so much fun!

Now...if only I could get him to nap, LOL! ;)

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