Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back to Work :(

So the first week of being back at work is winding down and I must admit--it wasn't too, too bad. Although it's been more difficult being away from Nate and I've been missing him like crazy! I got so used to spending all day long with him, it just makes me sad to say goodbye in the mornings. Although there is NOTHING better than seeing him in afternoon and watching that goofy, beautiful grin spread across his face when he catches a glimpse of "muh-muh" as I walk through the door and call his name! :)

We decided to head to the Palm Beach Zoo on our last day of Christmas vacation and it was a blast. Brent decided that we're going to make it a tradition to always do something or go somewhere fun on the last day of every vacation. I like it! Instead of spending the day dreading the next morning, we'll instead be hanging out as a family and enjoying our last day of the break. We took Nate to the zoo back in May when Grandma was down from New York visiting. Although it was fun then, Nate wasn't much of a participant, given the fact that he was still in a somewhat "lumpish" stage of his development, LOL. This time we could really tell that Nate had a blast! He was engaged, giggling and checking everything out as Brent pushed him along in his new buggy (he LOVES that thing!!!). His favorite part for sure, was the fountain! The Palm Beach Zoo has a giant fountain right in the center where water rises out of the ground and dances while kids run through it and get soaked. Nate was fascinated and so excited! Before we left for the day, I decided to strip him down to his shorts and let him have a go. He was too funny! So excited to "grab" the jets of water shooting up out of the ground, but he'd turn and run as soon as it really splashed him! I'm posting a few pics of our last day of FUN!

Oooooh, big fountain!

Can I touch it, Daddy???

Riding the caroussel with Mommy is fun!

Ah, I get to touch it now!

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